XL extruder






The XL extruder shown on these pages is of simple, strong design which, besides easy, troublefree operation, also provides for turning out a aize snacks to be flavoured, fried or dried.


The extruder is composed by 2 heads, fixed head and rotating head, drived from 2 alternating current motors with regulating speed


Besides individual extruders, we con also supply whole processing
lines from raw material infeed to finished product.




Obtained product


Complete plant with featuring extruder with rotating plate
head (motor 20 HP) for producing maize snacks to be flavoured,
fried or dried.
5 HP screw speed variator,
Feed supply vibrator.
Hourly production capacity 80/100 Kg.



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Technical futures

The current range of XL extruders includes::


Model XL75
Production approximately 80/100 Kg/h*
Fixed head motor powe rating 5.5 Hp
Rotating  head motor powe rating 20 Hp

* Production capacity is referred only to use of maize gritz.



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